Friday, November 23, 2012

A Vehicle


noun \ˈvē-ə-kəl also ˈvē-ˌhi-kəl\

Definition of VEHICLE

a : an inert medium (as a syrup) in which a medicinally active agent is administered
b : any of various media acting usually as solvents, carriers, or binders for active ingredients or pigments
: an agent of transmission : carrier
: a medium through which something is expressed, achieved, or displayed <an investment vehicle>; especially : a work created especially to display the talents of a particular performer
: a means of carrying or transporting something <planes, trains, and other vehicles>: as 

I thought it was funny that the last definition of vehicle was the one I was most familiar with.  Two thoughts inspired this post 1) After three faithful years, I finally separated from my 89 Honda Accord. On on to the next one... 
 - The second and more poignant thought was inspired by a conversation I was having on a morning walk/run with my Uncle James, who is originally from the Caribbean island of Dominica.  Although I've know this Uncle who married into the family maybe about  8 years ago or so, sadly enough this was probably the first real and certainly lengthiest conversation I've had with him. Our conversation for most of the run and almost all of the walk hinged on the concepts of getting where you wanted to be in life.  Ironically, we ended up talking about cars and he explained how it amazed him how much people took for granted and how when he was growing up he always got up early because he knew he would have to walk to where he was going.  He explained that he didn't have a vehicle to help him get there. Not a car, not a ride, a vehicle.  Maybe he didn't mean much by it, but I guess it's so rare that I hear that term used, it really struck me as important. Perhaps, my brain wasn't getting enough oxygen or I was maybe a little dehydrated, but that term and the way he said it made me really think about the concept of vehicle and how for myself and so many people I know a car is so much more, for whatever reason. It's more than a vehicle to get us where we need to go, it's a statement of our personality, a reflection of our perceived wealth, and more often than not an acknowledgment of our insecurities.  But should it be so much more than a vehicle?   As I contemplate my next purchase over the next few months, I'm desperately trying to answer this question.  

Until next time, keep the jeep riding.