Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How Are You Practicing to Become Who You Want to Be?

Think about your future self. What are you doing now to become that person?

1) Have a vision. Have a picture of who you want to be. What's dope to you? Imagine in as much detail as possible what your life looks and feels like when you're successful. Set specific, measurable goals. A Goal is a dream with a date on it. What is a date on one of your dreams?

 2) Represent. Know your why.  "He who has a why can deal with almost any how." Where you’re from… Who you’re with…and what you’re about. Your actions are a reflection, not just of you, but for those people who cared enough to help you get here too. Do your best and remember where you come from as you work towards where you want to go.  Ask yourself when your effort is low, am I thinking about this as an obligation or am I realizing the opportunity?

3) Focus. The ability to eliminate distractions in order to realize your vision. Learn not just to control, but to master you emotions. 

 4) Shut Up and Grind. S.U.A.G. Simply put: Do the work. You can plan, prepare, theorize, and get hyped all you want, but at some point you have to sit down, focus, shut up, and grind. "Everybody has the will to win, but not everybody has the will to prepare to win.  Michelangelo has a quote that sums this up “ If people know how hard I worked to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” There will come a time when you face a challenge and initially you may not get the results you wanted. At that point you have to ask yourself am I’m really grinding like I can? Am I really putting in the maximum effort possible? Go the distance, pain is temporary. Like Nike says, Just Do It.

 5) Work Together. Harambee. “Means much more than I got your back.” The effect you have on others is the most powerful currency there is. There’s so much more you can accomplish by working together than trying to go it alone. It’s easy to ask your friend “what’s good?” or “what’s up?” but it’s much more difficult to say “are you ready for that test?” or “how’s everything at home?” Don’t be afraid to bond over the tougher issues in life and have the courage to step outside your comfort zone and the stereotypical expectations of you and your peers to achieve something greater together. You’ll be thankful that you did and amazed at what you all were able to achieve.