Monday, October 5, 2015

Here's $200 Bucks, Now Here's the Catch...

That's exactly what I was looking for when I researched this $200 Checking account promotion SunTrust was offering.  Deadline to sign up: October 12th, 2015. SunTrust $200 Promo
> Here's the breakdown:
1) You open a Select Checking Account with at least $100
2) You have direct deposits totaling either $500 or $2000 within 60 days.
3) SunTrust will deposit $100 or $200 within 60 days after you make your qualifying deposits.

At that point you can either choose to close the account or keep it open.

I've read and asked questions and the catch seems to be that if you stop the the qualifying direct deposits or your balance drops below $2000, then you'll incur a monthly fee of around $15. That $15 will quickly eat into the $100 or $200 gain you set out for, so be careful.

I may have missed something else in the fine print or another catch somewhere, so if you something let me know.  I don't earn any money from this, just sharing. Good luck.