Friday, September 30, 2016

My alarm for Early AM Basketball is always music.  I feel like I'm waking up to my own personal life soundtrack.  Lately, it's been asking me this question. What's  Over Yonder?   Thanks Professor Toon...I'm still doing my research.  #takenotes #tendo #ballislife #motivation #squad #ynot #organicchemistry #physics101 #cp3 #kingmez #bigkrit #goodmorning #lifelessons

I met Professor Toon after he opened for Bone Thugs in Harmony in August of 2015... i think.  This is the best way I describe Toon's performance:  His passion in his performance always results in the same thing: He always leaves each show with more fans that he started with.  At his first NYC show, one guy who had never heard of Toon before said halfway through the show "This is crazy. All he needs is to be in front of like 10,000 people. I'm definitely a fan now. Wow."  Passion communicates volumes more than words can.   Below is  his latest project, Take Notes.  I recommend sitting down with headphones. You can listen for free, but I recommend buying the album, appreciating the artist, and keeping it on your phone's playlist.  

Let me know what your favorite tracks are. Mine are Who Gon' Stop Me? The Rain...Millions, and Yonder...and ..and pretty much all the tracks.  But maybe that's just me.

Until next Toon says, T.E.N.D.O. :Take Extra Notes Defeat Obstacles



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