Monday, December 19, 2011


is what we're on the brink of and you're not alone in it.

Michael Jackson, You Are Not Alone.
I actually heard this song when during the summer of 1995 I believe it was, we had just moved to New Bern. It was my mom, little sister, big brother, and myself because my dad had to stay up in New York and sell our house and continue to work to support the family. I hated the idea of moving and when you're going from New York City to New Bern, while they both say "New," I couldn't help but feel this was about to get old...real quick.

In town of retirees, river front property, Tryon Palace, and most importantly 24,000 people who all had known each other since birth it seemed, there was no shortage of places I could go to not fit in and get that great feeling of being on the edge of what's cool, but still being forced to sit outside of the circle of trust (thanks Robert Deniro's character in Meet the Parents that I can't remember the name nor do I want to take time to look up)every day at 11:10am for 1st run lunch.

That year was spent figuring out a lot of things or at least trying to, which I big part of the process I guess. Things like "I thought I was a decent looking guy, how come I can't get any girls to pay me attention," "Why do these same two white girls in my biology class keep saying we should form a study group when all three of us are making A's already? "This girl, Shante' is a perfect match for me, we're both smart, articulate, and have great parents. How come she won't pay me the least bit of attention?" and finally "If I wear a sea green Nautica button down (to the mid chest) collarless short-sleeve shirt and my loose-fit still new looking black levi's 570's, can I still wear my navy blue nike air xtreme flight's?" I figured that one out pretty quickly and the answer is YES...I least no one has said anything about it yet...

This often helped me get through that first summer and year, shout to my brother and Josh for sitting with me at the lunch table.

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