Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Heaviest Bookbag

I said I was gonna post this, so I am. I wrote it probably in 2002, my third year in college, when I was really going through some challenges that ultimately were trans-formative.

Side note, for those who are too young to know or too old to remember, "single straps from the gap" were pretty popular in the 2000-2003, for a number of reasons that guys loved. They also came with this pouch in the front for a cell phone, which was also becoming a big deal, but not as big of deal at the Motorola Two Way Pager, especially the Jay-Z blue one. Lol. Enjoy.


The Heaviest Bookbag

Sometimes I feel like I have the heaviest bookbag on campus
filled with my books, my papers, and stuff for class
and work and tutoring and writing.

Sometimes I'll be walking and I'll be like damn,
what do I have all this stuff for?
Half of it I don't even need
and most of it I don't even want
but i carry it anyway.

I looked inside one time and I was like damn,
how did all this stuff get in here?
And then I remembered that I packed it myself
but the suggestions of others have made me wonder
how much of what I carry is really mine
and more importantly, is really necessary

But I still feel these obligations
to what I don't know or own
sometimes I feel like I'm the only one with my kind of bookbag
because Jansports, Eastpaks and single straps from the Gap
aren't designed to carry this kind of weight.

I could have swore that I bought it from the store
and the tag on the inside said "not to exceed 50 lbs"
Why is it then that I carry this bag all the time everyday
feeling like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders?


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  1. Very cool! I don't know if you have studied contemporary poetry, but your line breaks are really good. Got any other poems you want to post?