Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"I Made It Through It All" part 1.

Meet Nookie aka Cartavius, a 17 year old from Sunflower, MS. He didn't graduate from the local high school, but he did attend it at one point. This picture is of him sitting on a bench in the small town of Sunflower, where there's "nothing" to do. Based on his clothes, his laid back, sort of robotic sounding voice and the fact that he didn't graduate from Ruleville High like most of his friends, you might conclude as I did, that he got into trouble and just never finished, basically his future isn't too bright. That's where we'd both be dead wrong.


1) Nookie (pronounced like Nook, not Nuke)was homeschooled starting last year and actually graduated high school in November from a home school network in Greenwood.

2) He's probably the best lyricist I've heard in a long time.

3) He's been speaking wisdom since he was five (according to his grandma.)

He's only 17 and in terms of the "opposition [he] has faced, he's "made it through it all."

Once you hear some of his music, I think you'll agree that his future is as bright and clear as the sky above him. Audio and video are coming soon.

Let's make it happen,


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